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At Yazbek we are sure that investing with social responsibility generates progress, growth and sustainable development in the communities we serve and of which we are part, we promote a healthy life that integrates personal, social and environmental well-being to generate a positive footprint

We prepare for the future, we propose goals, objectives and indicators, which are not limited to "technical" compliance with the Official Mexican Standards in ecological terms. We are committed to carrying out our operations in a responsible and sustainable manner, we consider that investing in sustainability allows us to continue supporting important environmental and community projects. We promote the preservation of natural wealth and contribute to mitigate the impact of climate change through the replenishment, reduction and reuse of water, the promotion of recycling, in addition to the annual reduction of 140 tons of CO2 emissions in our CDMX Corporate with the installation of a system for the production of electrical energy from 540 photovoltaic panels; This solution generates 78% of the electrical energy required by the operations carried out within the building.

All manufacturing processes, including textile processes, directly impact the environment due to the consumption of natural resources and the generation of polluting waste.

At YAZBEK we are aware of this situation and we are committed to the environment, continuously improving our efficiency and implementing technologies that minimize the use of resources and the emission of pollutants. An example of this is the installation of our water treatment plant, which allows us to recover 70% of the vital liquid we use, which, in part, can be reused for various purposes and discharge the remaining 30%, free of contaminants.


  • The physicochemical process consists of adding chemicals that help in the separation of the color particles and solids that are found in the dyeing waste water.
  • In the biological process there are microorganisms that help with the elimination or degradation of the organic matter found in the water.
  • Physical filtration process through membranes allows the water to be recycled as it is used again in the dyeing process, generating a reuse cycle.

Each process is cared for through analysis and laboratory tests to comply with environmental regulations.


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