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Residual water treatment plant

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  • assets_yazbek/icono/activo-hover/azul-acitvo/liquidacion Planta de Tratamiento de Agua

The water treatment process begins when the dyeing of the fabric ends, the water is loaded with chemical elements; To eliminate these residues, a physical-chemical separation is carried out that consists of adding chemicals that help in the separation of the color particles and solids that are in the dyeing waste water.

It then goes through another biological process and a decanter that ends the separation of pollutant chemicals and sludge, which results in contaminant-free water that is perfect for re-use.

Some of the advantages obtained with this treatment plant are:

Maintain the parameters set by CONAGUA (National Water Commission).

Re-use it for internal services, or irrigation, reducing the volume of water extracted.

Recover water for dyeing processes; that is to say, re-use it completely.

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