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We are a 100% Mexican brand

At Grupo Comercial Yazbek we strive to offer the highest quality textile products complying with official Mexican standards. We contribute to the protection and conservation of our environment. We are a 100% Mexican Company committed to the growth and development of our country.


At Yazbek we care about comprehensive development, creating awareness of the importance of doing a good job even in future generations.

The growth of the company has allowed us to improve constantly, in all our areas related to respect for our workers, the environment and the communities where we operate.


We are a textile company that offers the best option in shirts and casual clothing to decorate, ensuring service and quality at a competitive price


To be the first option in shirts and casual clothes to decorate under the YAZBEK brand nationwide.


We create long-lasting and trusting relationships with our clients, suppliers and employees. We are committed to labor, environmental and legal standards.