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Our storage facilities have been designed to create and maintain the climatic and lighting conditions required to ensure that our raw materials remain unaltered. In this way, we ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards in the international market from the beginning.


We weave the fabric with which each of our garments is made. We have machinery of the highest technology, which is operated by highly trained personnel. In this way we manufacture fabrics whose structural characteristics broadly cover any market requirement.


The automation and rigorous controls of our dyeing and finishing processes are designed to ensure that our fabrics have greater durability, solid colors, controlled shrinkage to offer maximum comfort.


This process is carried out with computerized equipment that guarantees precise and reliable cuts, without altering previously defined specifications and standards. The end result is a perfectly controlled process.


Our plants are characterized by their modernization and technological updating. In them, rigorous control mechanisms are applied that ensure the quality and standardization of all our products.

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